Monday, 27 February 2023 21:52

Six Ukrainian articles on semigroup theory by A.K. Sushkevich

French mathematician Carl-Fredrik Nyberg Brodda* recently finished an English translation of six articles in Ukrainian from the 1930s, written by the founding father of semigroup theory A. K. Sushkevich**. The translation can be found on arXiv:

Great job! Thank you!

Carl-Fredrik Nyberg Brodda works Université Gustave Eiffel in Paris. His research interests lie primarily in combinatorial group and semigroup theory, but also include the history of mathematics, formal language theory, logic, and combinatorics.

** Anton K. Sushkevich (January 10 (23), 1889, Borysoglebsk - August 30, 1961, Kharkiv) was an outstanding algebraist, one of the creators of the theory of generalized groups. Since 1933 he worked as a professor at Kharkiv University (professor). Since 1937, he headed the Kharkiv Mathematical Society.