Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA)

  • Publisher: Institute of Mathematics of NASU
  • Impact Factor: 1.072


  • Geometrical methods in mathematical physics
  • Lie theory and differential equations
  • Classical and quantum integrable systems
  • Algebraic methods in dynamical systems and chaos
  • Exactly and quasi-exactly solvable models
  • Lie groups and algebras, representation theory
  • Orthogonal polynomials and special functions
  • Integrable probability and stochastic processes
  • Quantum algebras, quantum groups and their representations
  • Symplectic, Poisson and noncommutative geometry
  • Algebraic geometry and its applications
  • Quantum field theories and string/gauge theories
  • Statistical physics and condensed matter physics
  • Quantum gravity and cosmology

SIGMA is a refereed purely electronic arXiv overlay journal with a lot of mirrors around the world. In spite of being open access, the journal does not charge authors for publication. SIGMA is a non-profit, volunteer-run project operated by the following people (all from the Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine):

  • Editor: Anatoly Nikitin
  • Associate Editors: Vyacheslav Boyko, Roman Popovych, Iryna Yehorchenko, Alexander Zhalij
  • Executive Assistant: Vira Pobyzh
  • Copy-editors: Vira Pobyzh, Galyna Popovych