Субота, 19 березня 2022 19:50

Opportunities in North America for Ukrainian mathematicians

We are a group of North American mathematicians who would like to help Ukrainian mathematicians at all stages in their career, who might consider a visiting position or graduate school in the USA or Canada.

If interested, please fill out this form. Please forward the link to the form or this website to those who may be interested.So far, we are gauging potential interest and will hopefully e-mail you more details soon about the arising opportunities. Remark: those who are male and under 60 (and are currently unable to leave Ukraine) are encouraged to fill out the form anyway, as there is hope that they may be able to leave in a few months.

This is an incomplete list of the faculty, most with ties to Ukraine, who are ready to invest their effort into creating temporary positions at various levels for Ukrainian mathematicians.


Frequently Asked Questions

If the opportunities for positions become available, what is an approximate timeframe? The most common start dates in the US and Canada are August or September. However, more immediate opportunities may arise.

What institutions would offer temporary positions? The supporters have various ideas on how to create positions within their home institutions and possibly involve their colleagues at other universities. They need your input to act: please fill out the form.

Is Ukrainian affiliation required? Yes, the initiative supports mathematicians who are currently affiliated with an institution in Ukraine on a permanent basis.

Is Ukrainian citizenship required? No.

What if I am a male under 60 and am unable to leave the country? Please register anyway, and hopefully the situation will change. In any case, we may try and lobby this issue in the future.

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Source: https://sites.google.com/view/ukrainian-mathematicians