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Opportunities in Germany for mathematicians from Ukraine

The German Mathematical Society (DMV) aims to support mathematicians from Ukraine at all stages in their career who might consider a visiting position, scholarship or other forms of scientific long-term stays in Germany. In cooperation with Mathematics Münster, applications from mathematicians from Ukraine and offers from German mathematical institutions will be coordinated via this website.

Mathematicians from Ukraine on all career levels are invited to send their applications via this form. We will then try to find the best mathematical and personal fit between offer and application.

This initiative is a long-term project of the Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung (DMV, German Mathematical Society) in cooperation with Mathematics Münster. We call on all mathematical institutions and individual scientists in Germany who want to help with stipends, temporary positions, etc. to register via this form. We will coordinate the applications and offers and try to find the best mathematical and personal fit.

Let us stand together to support our colleagues from the Ukraine!

Frequently Asked Questions

When the opportunities for positions become available, what is an approximate timeframe?
We do not know yet, since we are in the very early stages of this initiative.

Which institutions would offer temporary positions?
The supporters may have various ideas on how to create positions within their institutions and possibly involve their colleagues at other universities. They need your input to act: please fill out the form.

Is Ukrainian affiliation required?
In principle yes, but mathematicians from Ukraine who are presently at another university and may have to return to Ukraine soon are also eligible.

Is Ukrainian citizenship required?

What if I am a male under 60 and am unable to leave the country?
Please register anyway, and hopefully the situation will change. In any case, we may try and lobby this issue in the future.

Where to send questions not answered above?
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