Monday, 06 June 2022 15:03

Institute of Mathematics in Kyiv asks for help

Institute of Mathematics deeply appreciates national & international foundations, universities and societies for establishing numerous emerging refugee programs for Ukrainian scholars who have to leave the homeland caused by the barbaric Russian invasion. Temporary research positions & scholarships within the framework of existing and newly-established funding sources offer a unique survival mechanism for our colleagues and their families, especially who lost their homes. However, the majority of Ukrainian Mathematicians do not want to (cannot) accept this opportunity because of, e.g. the military service (reserve) obligation, that is, they are exclusively able to perform their research activities in the homeland. The latter is true for 95% of scholars working at the Institute of Mathematics. 

Owing to the ongoing war, the Ukrainian government has reduced the R & D budget (the institute budget sequestration is about 20% from June, 2022) and had to postpone almost all national research programs/grants. The government is also announcing a priority funding exclusively to applied studies, first of all, military, that means even a more serious budget reduction of fundamental research programs. Furthermore, because almost all international programs/grants suggest a staff exchange scheme, which is impossible/strongly restricted in the war time, the mathematicians who continue working in their homeland have also practically lost the international financial support as well.

Losing a significant part of the basic budget and, totally, the international & national grant supplements, has put the Institute of Mathematics and its staff into a difficult position. The institute is not able to pay the full-scale salaries as well as cover the electricity, heat & water supply; infrastructure may also collapse. That is why, the Institute appeals to the international scientific community, foundations, universities, societies, high-technology and IT companies for help to safeguard its human and infrastructure capital. 

As for the research staff, the institute would appreciate offering a digital (remote) job. Our world-class professionals are able to deliver payable digital/remote lectures & invited seminal talks, be co-supervisors, mentors & instructors of MSc & PhD students as well as write reviews on theses and projects. The institute has excellent PhD courses which could be taught online worldwide. Our research groups and individuals are open for any kind of remote/digital collaborations. Please, do contact them or with the institute administration with appropriate queries and/or proposals.

As for the technical staff, our technical editors at seven journals have a long-time experience of successful typesetting,  editing and proofreading of mathematical texts. You may apply to them directly, or via the institute administration for assistance in preparing your monographs or papers. This service should normally covered by your grants. 

Donation to safeguard institute's human and infrastructure capital. Administration of also asks for the charitable contribution to the whole institution to cover energy expenses and keep infrastructure, establish nano-grants to researchers who may need a special help (lost their home, etc.) or for supporting research groups/individuals, which are nominated by the benefactor.   Administration guarantees fair and transparent spending of the donations subject to control and periodical audit by the Academic Council and/or Supervisory Board. The Institute invites representatives of the international scientific community to join the Board.    

The appeal has been supported by the Academic Board on May, 17, 2022

Contacts: Alexander Timokha, Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The donation could be made on the accounts below.  

For UAH remittances:

МФО 820172 в Голосіївському ДКСУ у м. Києві
ЄДРПОУ: 05417207
(прохання вказувати мету благодійного внеску
“на функціонування Інституту математики НАН України”
“матеріальна допомога науковцям Інституту математики НАН України”
“матеріальна допомога [специфічна група науковців інституту] тощо)

For USD/EURO remittances:

UA803223130000025300000000076    (USD, currency code 840)
UA803223130000025300000000076    (EURO, currency code 978)
UKR EXIM BANK, Kyiv, MFO 222313
Organisation code: 05417207
(please, do indicate the purpose of the charitable contribution, e.g.,
“granting/donating the functionality of the institute”,
“granting/donating the mathematical schools of the Institute of Mathematics of the NAS of Ukraine”,
“granting/donating/helping [please, do indicate a target group]” and so on.