Sunday, 27 February 2022 12:06

Statement of DMV board

Dear DMV members,

many of you have written to us over the past few days sharing your concerns about the dramatic events in Ukraine. We, the members of the DMV Board, share these concerns and are shocked by Russia's attack on Ukraine. Our sympathies go out to the people of Ukraine who are enduring horrific suffering these days.

The consequences for international scientific cooperation cannot be foreseen at this time. Close consultations of the national and international mathematical societies have taken place in recent days. The DMV Board welcomes the just published decision of the Executive Committee of the IMU that the International Congress of Mathematicians in July cannot take place in Saint-Petersburg as planned. Instead, the General Assembly and Awards Ceremony will be held in presence at another location outside Russia. The ICM will be open to the public on the planned date and will be held purely virtually.

In the current situation, the DMV Board is more convinced than ever that science is a common endeavor that transcends national borders and contributes to international understanding. The DMV will continue to advocate for the exchange of science across borders, even under difficult conditions.

The DMV Board of Directors, February 26, 2022