Monday, 28 February 2022 18:51

Address of mathematicians of Ukraine to the world scientific community

Dear colleagues!

At 5 a.m. on February 24, 2022, the president of the Russian Federation launched an unmotivated and treacherous war against Ukraine and its people immediately united to resist and defend their homeland. Unable to overcome this resistance and in order to create panic and intimidate civilians, the Russian regular army is intensively shelling civilian Ukrainian citiesbuildingsschoolshospitalsorphanageskindergartens.

As of 24:00 February 27, 2022 352 civilians (among them 14 children) and thousands of wounded (more than 30 children) have been officially killed in this war. The number of dead and wounded is constantly growing. This war cannot be explained because its purpose is completely unclear. It is deadly both for the Ukrainian people and, ultimately, for the Russian people as well as for the entire European continent. On the part of President Putin, it is accompanied by manic lies, intimidation of nuclear weapons, viral propaganda and concealment of real information from its own people and even from the military. The Russian government holds a full control over the media and social networks.

Many Russian soldiers, who were taken prisoner or surrendered themselves, cannot explain why they are fighting against the people of Ukraine. Some of them generally believed that they were being taken to military training. The parents of these soldiers do not even know that their sons were sent to Ukraine for the war, because their phones were confiscated and all external contacts were banned before they were sent. But some Russian soldiers, when they find out where they are being taken, refuse to take part in hostilities, despite possible administrative and criminal proceedings against them.

In the last few days, we have received many letters from Russian colleagues apologizing for their government’s actions. They write that they are very ashamed of what their country’s leadership has done and continues to do in starting this war. More than 4,000 Russian scientists signed a letter against the war with Ukraine.

Ukraine does not want extra casualties. Nobody needs them. Continuation of this war will have dire consequences for all countries without exception. And in the case of the use of nuclear weapons, as the world maniac Putin scares, the destruction of all mankind.

As we have already written, information about the war in Russia is hidden and not all Russians understand what terrible things their country’s leadership is doing. In Ukraine and around the world several information resources have been created to find out exactly what is happening in Ukraine, as well as to see photos and documents of Russian soldiers captured and killed in this war. In addition, there are many video appeals of captured Russian soldiers to their parents and other Russian soldiers with calls to lay down their arms and stop fighting.

Here is a short list of such resources, some of which may already be blocked by the Russian Federation:

We urge everyone who cares about the future of their country, please spread this letter among your acquaintances, colleagues, friends, whose children, or themselves, are currently serving in the Russian army. Perhaps this will stop this senseless bloody war and save the lives of many people.

Parents of Russian soldiers, tell your children that they are being led to death and murder! It’s not too late to stop and lay down your arms. Nobody needs this war!